Family owned and operated since the 1980s, DRC has been serving customers with high quality and expert skills for decades.  Our beginning was humble and had one simple goal in mind, “Quality workmanship and customer service always come first”.  We have kept that promise to ourselves and each client.

Originally we focused on residential and agricultural building painting projects.  Over the years we have moved into commercial and industrial buildings and roofs.  Through 2015 our primary focus was that of contractor, offering clients a variety of retail services, including erecting and engineering metal buildings and metal roofs.

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As some of our earliest clients began to see aging on their metal roofs, we had requests to replace them.  Having learned of the Conklin Roofing Systems by then, a commercial roof coating company with solutions for metal and low slope leaky roofs, it only made sense for us to combine our skills in roofing, metal, and painting and begin coating commercial roofs on a regular basis.

Conklin Roofing Systems have nearly a 50-year track record for leak-free and waterproof roofing. 

Today we have expanded our mission to combine the industry’s best roofing systems with our superior skills. This enables us to deliver excellence to every client, building owner, property manager, and contractor from start to finish.  “We pay attention to the details and don’t finish until the jobsite is cleaned nicer than we found it, and to your expectations.”

No matter whether from heat, snow, ice, hail, or the natural progression of age that time takes on your roof, you know a leak or problem when you see it.  We have you covered and offer real solutions that fix the issues before they become major costly replacements.

Roof restoration and coating roofs has gained in popularity, as it should.  Technology and science have made products better and stronger to do the job right!

Our customers love the work we do and especially when they learn it comes at a fraction of the cost and is more friendly to the environment than previous options.

Let us give you an evaluation and estimate today, it would be our honor to serve you and service your biggest investment, your business building. We treat you like family.