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Commercial Roof Inspection1

Commercial buildings serve not only as places of business but are also designed to keep the people and goods inside safe from the harsh exterior weather. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that a commercial roof plays a crucial role in protecting you and your employees from adverse conditions that often exist outside. To keep this vital component in prime condition, commercial roof inspection services, conducted on a regular basis, are crucial.

Most commercial building owners in Liberty, MO, often overlook their commercial roof maintenance, which can lead to significant damage and costly repairs down the road. A commercial roof inspection can avoid this scenario. DRC Commercial Roofing is a leading roofing company that offers commercial roof inspection services in Liberty, MO, and nearby areas. Call us today at 816-514-1617 and speak to our roofing experts to arrange a visit!

Why Commercial Roof Inspection Matters

Commercial Roof Inspection

A thorough commercial roof inspection will identify any damage suffered by your roof, allowing you to fix the damage before it worsens. A roofing system consists of many parts, such as flashings, protrusions, drainage systems, membranes, or metal, and even a single damaged area can threaten other parts of the roofing system.

Many manufacturers and insurers require you to have regular roof inspections for the warranty and insurance coverage to remain in full effect. By having your commercial roof inspected by experienced professionals, you can avoid a costly repair or restoration down the road and ensure that your roof remains covered by warranties and insurance.

What to Expect During Commercial Roof Inspection Process

During a commercial roof inspection, our experienced veterans will conduct thorough inspections of the following:

Leaks: We will carefully examine each part of your roof to find any evidence of leaks, cracks, or holes from which water or moisture can enter your building. If left unchecked, leaks can lead to much bigger problems down the line.

Damaged System Components: Damaged components such as membrane seam separation, leaking metal panel fasteners unsecured flashing allow for the potential of water intrusion into the sub-system and ultimately into your building.

Clogged Gutters: Impaired drainage systems are among the most common issues commercial building owners face. Debris, leaves or any other material often clogs the gutters, which can lead to water ponding or inadequate drainage. The water can seep into your building or its foundations, resulting in structural damage.

Other damages: Other than these 3, we will also look for any other damage that may affect your roof.

Trust the Professionals!

DRC Commercial Roofing is your one-stop shop for commercial roof-related services in Liberty, MO, and we specialize in conducting commercial roof inspections in Liberty, MO, and nearby areas. Call us today at 816-514-1617 and schedule your commercial roof inspection!