EPDM Roofing System – Cameron, MO

EPDM Roofing System1

EPDM is a single-ply rubberized roofing system. It is great for those that work with chemicals as well as with being very resistant to fire. If you have a commercial building in the Cameron, MO area, then you should call our experts at DRC Commercial Roofing by dialing (816) 514-1617.

The Process

The process for this system starts when you call us. Our wonderful customer care team will gather the basic information from you, things like your name, address, a good phone number to reach you at, and set up an inspection. We will need to inspect your roof before we go any further. This gives us the ability to understand exactly what is happening with your roofing system, as well as point us in the right direction for the solution to the issues. EPDM is not compatible with every building in every location; however, it is an option that we can explore with you. Once we see what is happening, we can recommend the right solution for your roofing system. This could be as simple as repair or something bigger like a replacement. Either way, we can manage your EPDM roofing concerns for you and leave your roof looking better than it was when we got to your location.

EPDM Roofing Systems

EPDM Roofing System

EPDM requires your roofing contractor to have a thorough knowledge base to address its specific needs. Without this knowledge they could cause severe damage to the materials and risk the requirement to unnecessarily replace the entire roofing system. That is why you should make sure the company you work with is well-experienced.

This system is prefabricated then sent to us in rolls. We then cut it to exactly match the dimensions of your roof. It is applied directly over your existing roofing system. We attach it either via mechanical fasteners or chemical adhesives, to ensure a strong, tight fit.

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If you have or are considering getting an EPDM roofing system you want to have a company that knows how to install, manage, and replace it correctly. For those in Cameron, MO, we are that company. DRC Commercial Roofing is here to answer your questions contact us now by dialing (816) 514-1617.