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Metal Roof Restoration1

Metal roofing is a popular option for businesses and property owners due to its many benefits, affordability, and endurance. Although they are strong, metal roofs are not unaffected by damage. Like any other roofing system, they could have a variety of issues, like tree damage or unfavorable weather conditions. Services for restoring metal roofs might be quite helpful in these kinds of circumstances. Selecting metal roof restoration could add up to ten years to the life of your commercial roof.

Furthermore, over time, this solution offers significant cost savings on roof care and repairs. Owners of commercial and industrial properties in Gladstone, Missouri, and the surrounding areas can count on DRC Commercial Roofing to provide them with excellent metal roof restoration services. Call us at 816-514-1617 as soon as possible to start restoring your metal roof!

The Process of Metal Roof Restoration

Metal Roof Restoration

The road towards metal roof restoration is a comprehensive process designed to rejuvenate the state of a metal roof, address current problems, and increase its lifespan.

The restoration of a metal roof must be done only after careful assessment. This requires a detailed examination of the metal roof to identify any areas that require repair, such as rust, corrosion, leaks, or damage. The roof is then thoroughly cleaned to get rid of all dirt, debris, and old coatings. Using high-pressure washing or abrasive cleaning techniques guarantees a spotless and smooth surface.

Primer is sprayed to the metal surface after the cleaning and restoration stage. With the help of this primer, the metal will adhere better and be ready for the application of protective coatings later. Applying protective coatings to provide the roof with weather resistance, UV protection, and waterproofing is an essential next step.

During the repair procedure, joints, seams, and any gaps are meticulously sealed and caulked to prevent water intrusion and maintain the roof’s watertight integrity. In some circumstances, a reflective coating can also be employed to increase energy efficiency by reducing heat absorption and reflecting sunlight.

A thorough inspection is required at the end of the metal roof restoration process to confirm that the restoration efforts were successful. This means examining the coating application closely, taking care of any touch-ups that are required, and guaranteeing the roof’s general integrity.

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