Rubber Roof Repair – Gladstone, MO

Rubber roofs, also called EPDM roofs, are known for their strength and resilience. They may, however, experience deterioration with time. This could result in leaks or other issues. In these situations, getting rubber roof repair services can be very helpful for fixing any problems.

Go no further than DRC Commercial Roofing if you’re in need of rubber roof repair services in the Gladstone, MO, region. Our team is capable of getting your rubber roof back to its best. Don’t hesitate to contact us at 816-514-1617 if you have any queries or worries concerning your rubber roof. We are available to assist you!

Roof Inspection and Cleaning

In a rubber roof repair process, the first and most crucial step is a thorough roof inspection. During the roof inspection, our experienced team will identify any areas that need care. We’ll keep a tight eye out for any leaks, tears, cuts, or signs of moisture accumulation as red flags. Our creation of a strategy that is especially suited to the requirements of your roof will be aided by these discoveries.

Following the inspection, we’ll delicately clean the targeted repair area and proceed to remove the damaged section of your EPDM roof.

Rubber Roof Repair Process

Afterward, our skilled team will delicately apply a thin layer of EPDM roofing primer to the affected area, meticulously ensuring that the primer reaches the edges. This meticulous application guarantees proper adhesion to the membrane, ensuring a seamless and secure fit for the repair.

Once the primer has been applied and allowed to properly cure, we’ll proceed to apply the EPDM repair according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. These repairs typically rely on either pressure-sensitive methods or chemical adhesives for installation. While the installation techniques may vary slightly between manufacturers, both types of patches serve the same purpose and ensure effective repair.

Upon successfully adhering to the repair to the primed area, we’ll conduct a thorough final inspection. This crucial step ensures that every aspect of the repair process is completed with precision and care, correcting the leak in your rubber roof.

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