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Rubber Roof Repair1

Rubber roofs, also known as EPDM roofs, are expected to last longer than other roofing systems due to various inherent features of the EPDM material used. Still, like all other roofing systems, rubber roofs may also suffer damage due to wear and tear or simple aging. Rubber roof repair services fix leaks or damage that your rubber roof might have developed. DRC Commercial Roofing is the leading provider of rubber roof repair services in the Liberty, MO region. Call our rubber roof repair specialists at 816-514-1617 to discuss your needs.

Rubber Roof Repair Process

The rubber roof repair process is straightforward compared to roof repair on many other types of roofs. In this article, we will explain how we approach any rubber roof repair process and explain each step of the process in detail:


Inspecting your rubber roof is the first and most crucial step of any repair process. Our experts will conduct a thorough inspection of your roof to identify all damaged areas requiring repair. We will look for evidence of leaks, punctures, cuts, or signs of trapped moisture, as all these will help us create a customized roof repair plan for your roof.


Rubber Roof Repair

After the inspection, we will carefully clean the area that needs to be repaired and remove the damaged portion of the EPDM roof.

Priming the repair area

Next, our experts will apply a thin coat of EPDM roofing primer to the affected area and ensure that the primer extends all the way to the edges guaranteeing the repair adheres to the membrane and fits properly and completely.

Applying the EPDM patch

Once the primer has been applied and properly cured, we will apply the EPDM repair to the primed area using the manufacturer’s instructions. EPDM repairs are usually pressure-sensitive or rely on chemical adhesives for installation. Both types of patches work the same, and the only difference is the installation technique, which may differ from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Final Inspection

Once the repair has been fully adhered to the primed area, we will conduct a final inspection. This inspection will ensure that everything is completed, and your rubber roof leak is corrected.

Why DRC Commercial Roofing

DRC Commercial Roofing is renowned in Liberty, MO for its expertise in rubber roof installation and rubber roof repairs. Hundreds of happy customers in and around Liberty, MO, are a testament to our work ethics and expertise in all types of commercial roofing services. If you are looking for a commercial rubber roof repair service in Liberty, MO, then look no further, as DRC Commercial Roofing is your best option. Call us today at 816-514-1617, and our experts will gladly assist you in fixing your rubber roof.