Spray Foam Roofing in Liberty, MO

Spray Foam Roofing1

Spray foam has been around for several years now. However, in recent years, we have been able to reformulate it to be used as spray foam roofing. Spray foam roofing not only allows your roof to remain lightweight and sturdy but also ensures it’s fully leakproof. If you have a building in Liberty, MO, we at DRC Commercial Roofing can quickly transform your roof from old to new. Call us today at (816) 514-1617.

Why Spray Foam

Spray foam roofing has a natural way of clogging those annoying spaces that every roof has. These roofing systems start as a liquid and then expand up to thirty times its original size. Spray polyurethane foam (Spray foam) roofing starts as a liquid but quickly expands into foam, creating a solid layer across an existing roof. Spray foam forms a continuous membrane, which covers the entire roof without any seams or joints, which are usually weak points for roofs and the usual suspects in any case of roof leaks.

Its Benefits

Spray Foam Roofing

It acts as an excellent insulator, dramatically reducing heating and cooling costs. It blocks heat during summers while retaining the warmth during winters. When your roof is maintained correctly, spray foam roofs will last for decades. They are resistant to thermal shock and the expansion and contraction that come with temperature fluctuations. It is a monolithic system that removes any room for leaks and such issues. Spray foam roofs can be recoated and renewed, reducing the need for costly tear-offs and replacements, thus reducing the extra expense to your business. These roofs can be applied to any surface, accommodating unique roof shapes and protrusions.

Choosing the Right Contractor

It is essential to note that while spray foam roofing offers many advantages, its success depends on the roofing contractor’s expertise, who will apply spray foam to your roof. DRC Commercial Roofing has built a stellar reputation for its high-quality spray foam roofing services through a relentless focus on quality workmanship and flawless execution. With trained professionals, we ensure your roofing project gets the attention to detail it deserves.

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Now that you have all this information and are considering this roofing solution that offers durability, energy efficiency, and cost savings. Spray foam roofing might just be the roofing system you did not know you wanted. With all its benefits, it is quickly becoming the go-to for many commercial building owners. For more insights or to get started with your spray foam roofing project, Call us at DRC Commercial Roofing in Liberty, MO, at (816) 514-1617.