The Seasonal Roof Maintenance Checklist: Stay Prepared Year-Round with Your Commercial Building


Located in the heart of Kearney, MO, DRC Commercial Roofing understands the pivotal role the changing seasons and maintenance play on the health of your commercial roof and the continuity of your business. With each season comes a new set of challenges, and as building managers or business owners, the responsibility lies on you to ensure your establishment’s roof remains in peak condition year-round. Here’s a seasonal checklist to help you do just that, ensuring you get the most out of your investment. So, if you need help with your roofing system, call us at (816) 514-1617 and get started with us ASAP.


Debris Removal: After winter, your roof might have accumulated leaves, twigs, or other debris. Your roofing contractor will clear them out to prevent blockages and potential water damage.

Inspection for Damage: Winter can be hard on roofs. Look out for cracks, breaks, or any signs of water damage.

Gutter Cleaning: Ensure that all the meltwater from the winter snow has a clear path off the roof so that nothing gets stuck or remains stagnant and causes damage.


Ventilation Check: Proper ventilation keeps the building cool and prolongs the roof’s life. This is something that your roofing contractor will take care of as part of your roof maintenance plan.

UV Damage Inspection: Prolonged sun exposure can damage certain roofing materials. Check for signs of sun-bleached areas or other UV-related damages.

Waterproofing: Summer is an ideal time to ensure your roof is adequately waterproofed before the wetter months arrive. Contact your professional roofer, and they will take care of this for you.



Gutter Cleaning: Falling leaves can quickly block gutters. Regular checks by a professional roofing contractor are essential.

Loose Equipment Check: Your contractor will ensure that HVAC units, satellite dishes, or other equipment are secure before winter winds arrive.

Insulation Inspection: Proper insulation ensures that the warmth stays in and the cold stays out during the winter months.


Regular Snow Removal: Heavy snow accumulation can damage your roof. Remove snow, especially after heavy storms.

Ice Dam Prevention: Your roofer will ensure proper insulation and ventilation to prevent the formation of ice dams, which can lead to leaks.

Professional Inspection: Getting a professional assessment of your roof before and after the winter season is always an excellent idea.

In Kearney, MO, seasonal changes can be pretty unpredictable. But with a proactive approach, you can safeguard your commercial building’s roof against potential damages. Remember, regular maintenance not only helps in immediate cost savings by avoiding major repairs but also extends the life of your roof, ensuring a safe environment beneath it. Contact DRC Commercial Roofing at (816) 514-1617 for expert guidance, maintenance, or repairs. Let us help you protect your commercial assets, ensuring you’re prepared for every season.